For parents of Middle School Students. Watch a recap video below:

In these small-group informal info sessions, you'll get a personal introduction to the Northridge community. Hear how our families and school have responded to the challenges of quarantine & shutdown. We hope you consider joining is as we look forward to the Fall together!


Know a friend who might enjoy learning about Northridge?

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Why Virtual Open House?

At Open House, our goal is to get to know prospective parents who share a common vision for your sons. Given these unfortunate circumstances, we hope this is the next best thing to a in-person event. We know many families are looking forward to the Fall and the new school year, and we hope this event facilitates your family's choice of education for your son.

Open House has a friendly, relaxed tenor where we strive to get to know each prospective family personally -- an important way we determine whether a family is a good fit at Northridge. It will be an engaging and thought-provoking experience for you and your spouse. We hope you'll be joining us!

What Will the Event Be Like?

Focus of the Session. Our aim is to give parents an understanding of how we educate. Only a portion of the time will be devoted to basic facts about the school, which you can learn more about on our website.

Small Sessions. Our goal is for session participants to get to know each other, our parents, and us personally. There will be time for group conversation and introductions.

Tips from a Northridge Mom. Mrs. Betsy Rodriguez will present a few ideas that she and other moms in the 6th grade have implemented regarding at-home school at Northridge. They'll describe the experience and share what it reflects about our school community.

The Admissions Process. Mr. Joe Egan '15, our Admissions Director, will share with parents a few of the practical details about becoming a Knight.

About Mr. Fagan's Headmaster's Presentation

The presentation will provide an overview of our educational approach, and why families choose us. Mr. Fagan brings enthusiasm and energy to the school and his presentation will explain the impact and importance of Northridge’s mission in the world. Before Northridge, Mr. Fagan was mentored by Northridge’s founding headmaster, Mr. Jim Stenson, who left a deep impression on his life.

The Evening's Schedule

7:00 pm - Introductions & Login to the Zoom Link

7:10 pm - A Parent Perspective: How the School Responded to the Crisis

7:20 pm - Headmaster's Presentation

7:45 pm - Q&A Session

7:55 pm - Our Admissions Process

8:00 pm - End

Know a friend who might enjoy learning about Northridge?