Northridge Open House

Challenging the Intellect. Strengthening the Will. Celebrating the Adventure of Boyhood.

Building Noble Young Men

Why Northridge?

We believe each boy has a distinct mission and purpose in his life. Education should help him discover and embrace that calling. Our mission is to help our students become noble young men -- men of intellect and character who love God. 

If you're interested in learning about Northridge, Open House is the only way to experience all aspects of the school -- students, teachers, parents, academics, athletics, and more -- all at once. Open House has a friendly, relaxed tenor where we strive to get to know each visitor personally -- an important way we determine whether a family is a good fit at Northridge. It will be an engaging and thought-provoking experience for the whole family. We hope you'll consider joining us! 

By the Numbers

Grades 6-12 Middle School High School
1:1 Faculty to Mentor Ratio
45% of faculty graduated from a top-20 university
11:1 Faculty to Student Ratio
8 Varsity Athletics Programs
5 AP courses taken per student
74 zip codes represented by students

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